thursday, september 22

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yesterday i hit the 24 week mark.  no parties are being thrown yet but this it is a big relief to make it to this point {the point of viability}.  today i had a check in with both my regular OB and the perinatologist.  if this were school i would get to bring home papers with a big fat "A" across the top with a little star sticker next to it.  once again, everything looked perfect.  blood pressure was normal, no sign of pre term labor and the babies heart rates were good.  

however, with this good report comes a little bit of anxiety for me.  it was between 24 weeks and 28 weeks with adali where things went south…and quickly.  it's simply going to be a balancing act of enjoying how good i still feel {most days} and being hypervigilant for signs things aren't right.  i can only assume this is normal and will do my best not to get caught up in the "what if's"

i did have a quick and unexpected ultrasound today.  the babies were not measured but we could tell that baby a was head down looking toward my belly and baby b was breech looking toward my spine.  baby b is the one that has mellowed out considerably but likes to switch positions often and the farther i am along, the more uncomfortable this gets {not to mention freaky looking}.  and wouldn't you know it…the second i typed that baby b had mellowed out he started kicking up a storm.  dr. p asked me today if their kicks and movements are becoming predictable happening each day at certain times.  i asked him if all the time was predictable then my answer was yes.  and i swear i'm not just saying that to say it…it really is all day long.  honestly, i kind of like knowing all is well enough in there for them to be moving so much.  

here's to hoping the next 2 weeks go as smoothly and as well as the last 2 weeks.  

update on traci ~ this is straight from her email earlier this afternoon.  "I'm still hanging in there.  The Dr. just came in this morning and said that he can't believe I made it this far.  Up until Monday night I was having almost no contractions, just irritability.  We had a scare Monday night, I started having pretty strong contractions a couple minutes apart, this lasted until Tuesday morning.  They had to give me a shot of terbutaline and they increased my meds.  Now, I'm contracting on and off throughout the day so they are back to monitoring me a little more closely.  So we will see what happens!  Hopefully these girls can keep holding on a little longer.  Please tell everyone thanks so much for all the thoughts and prayers, they are working! 

tomorrow she will be 27 weeks…stay strong traci!

much love,

mama a

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  1. Kati W says:

    I’m not a momma, but I think it must be normal to have a bit of anxiety. Try not to let it overcome you and to enjoy your beautiful body — because that’s what it is! Beautiful! I’ll be sure to pray for you and Traci.

    PS – love that shirt/belt combo!

  2. Jenny says:

    You look great Jamie, and although I know your anxiety comes from a place that most of us can’t fathom (thankfully) it actually is very normal in every pregnancy! I loved the Outer Banks photos and I am so jealous! I’ve wanted to take the kids for so long! Maybe next summer. Hope to see you guys soon!

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