wednesday, september 21

every post i do for the next week or so is way overdue, but i'm doing it anyway because i want to look back on this last summer with just adali and remember all of the fun times we tried to cram into a short period of time had.

after our week at big cedar and a brief stop back in st. louis for a baby check-up we headed to outer banks, north carolina for a week of fun with my family.  i was very much looking forward to this week as i had heard so many amazing things about obx but had never been.  this was also the first time in over 10 years my family has all been able to go on a summer vacation together.

even with the unexpected hiccup of ridiculous traffic onto the island, the week did not disappoint.  it was something special we will all remember for a long time to come.

here are my fav outtakes from the week {warning picture overload ahead}.

adali has flown over a dozen times in her short life but to her, this was the very first time on an airplane.  she soaked it all in and was the perfect little traveler. 


i knew from the sunset the first night that this was a special place.


my family is just a tiny bit competitive, so the games and bets started early.  whether it was how many laps you could do in the pool without coming up for air or random made up catching games in the pool or a game of "pig" in the driveway, there was always some way a bet was being made.  


Obx collage1

this was a game of pig between jastin and i…i won…just sayin.

Obx collage2

of course there was lots of beach time.  this is the first beach trip we have taken with her where she was 100% comfortable with the sand.  major score!


"baby" connor was all about the sand.



adali's favorite thing to do was build sandcastles with dada.  


Obx collage3

we got to enjoy fireworks from our balcony one night.  quite a show and nice to not have to leave to see them.



Obx collage4



Obx collage5

again…connor…sand…not afraid.


Obx collage10





Obx collage6

we had our own pool at the house which was perfect for adali and connor.


{look closely} seriously…i couldn't resist.

Obx collage7

when adali wasn't building sand castles or blowing bubbles in the pool there was a good chance you could find her on nana's ipad.

Obx collage8

the area we stayed in {corolla} was teeming with ice cream trucks which adali was never going to complain about. 


Obx collage9

they also had this cute little ice cream shop that we couldn't resist trying one night.  delish.


these snapshots were taken at a restaurant that sat on the bay.  i was saddened to learn that the entire back deck and pier were destroyed by irene a few weeks ago.  i guess you become accustomed to dealing with that living on the bay.


Obx collage15

brother and sister with their families. 

Obx collage16

one evening my mom, dad, adali and i decided to do an adventure tour to see the wild horses that roam the dunes just north of where we were staying.  this was one of the most amazing and memorable experiences i have ever been a part of.  first of all the landscape is nearly untouched and simply beautiful {especially at sunset} and throw in being able to see wild horses into the equation and you have a magical few hours.

adali still talks about everything she saw and reminds me just how much fun it was.


this was our adventure buddy, tater tot…


about a mile and a half north of our house the paved road ended.  you then needed a 4 x 4 vehicle if you wanted to continue on as all of the roads were sand.  it was crazy to think that people lived back in such remote land.  i am still curious on how mail gets delivered, trash gets picked up, etc.  it was also crazy to think that people didn't pay attention to the big signs that reminded you that you needed a 4 x 4 vehicle to continue onto the beach.  you can see below what would happen if you decided not to listen.

Obx collage13


not long after we entered the beach road the horses came over one of the dunes.  such an amazing sight.  they do have someone that keeps an eye on them attempting to get an accurate count of how many there are {if i remember correctly there are currently about 115 adults and 40 foals} but they are able to roam freely on thousands of acres of land.  tourists are encouraged to stay back from the horses and to absolutely not feed them.  one foal had just passed away the week before we arrived because someone fed it watermelon and it wasn't able to digest it.  




we climbed high up onto the dunes which gave us an amazing view of both the ocean and the bay.  this was where the "adventure" part of the tour came in as the dunes were pretty steep and our driver was pretty intent on giving us a little thrill.  good thing adali was up for a little adventure that evening and loved the wild ride.


Obx collage14

at one point we stopped in a large open pasture of grass where close to a dozen of the horses were feeding.  we were able to get out and adali took full advantage to run around like a wild woman.  


Obx collage11


you can see the horses in the background here…




if you are a full time resident here i guess you just get used to having horses in your front yard.  i doubt you have to mow the yard very much.




the evening was such a memorable one.  if you ever visit the outer banks i highly recommend checking in to the adventure tour.

Obx collage12

it was a great week where lots of memories were made.  it's fun to think that all five of us were there to make those memories.  


much love,

mama a


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  1. how beautiful are those horse pics!?! and that last one of you too. i love the picture overload ;)

  2. Jennifer S says:

    Was that in Rodanthe???? I want to go there so bad Love the pix

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