Cards phone collage

friday, october 28 i'm still on a high from last night which is a really, really good thing considering the lasck of sleep i got.  and because i'm still on an adrenaline rush that i know won't last much longer because my anxiety will start to creep up about tonights game 7, i thought i [ Continue Reading ... ]

28 weeks collage1

tuesday, october 25 today i am 28 weeks and 6 days.  3 more days than i made it with adali.  even though it wasn't a goal of mine to make it farther than what i made it with adali, i can't help but get excited with each day i make it past 28 weeks, 3 [ Continue Reading ... ]


friday, october 14 it's october and the cardinals are rockin it in the playoffs…and we are loving it! we've had the opportunity to go to a few games this season and have watched nearly every pitch of every game since the latter part of september…when it really looked like they could come from 10.5 games [ Continue Reading ... ]


wednesday, october 12 i was looking through pictures that were dumped on my computer the other day and had to laugh when i came across this one.  adali insisted on setting the timer on the camera to take a picture of what we were doing at the time.  dada was working late and we were [ Continue Reading ... ]

26 weeks collage1

monday, october 10 i figured i better get this up before i'm no longer officially 26 weeks anymore.  last thursday i had my 26 week appointment with both my regular physician and my perinatologist.  i got an a+.  again everything looked perfect, including the babes!  baby a measured 2 lbs 1 oz and baby b [ Continue Reading ... ]