friday, october 14

it's october and the cardinals are rockin it in the playoffs…and we are loving it!


we've had the opportunity to go to a few games this season and have watched nearly every pitch of every game since the latter part of september…when it really looked like they could come from 10.5 games back and actually make the playoffs.  

and the best part of all of it is that adali has been getting so into the games.  she asks who's pitching (her favorites are chris carpenter and jason motte), she doesn't want to stop watching to go to bed, and the first thing she asks in the morning when she comes tromping into our room is if we won and if we play again that night.


{adali at the game this summer wanting so badly to catch a ball}

we have special dances for different parts of the game…our favorite is the applesauce dance.  whenever jason motte (pronounced like the applesauce brand) gets in the game we start the dance.  she never refers to him by his real name either, it's always, "is applesauce gonna pitch soon, i wanna dance."  we also have the homerun dance and the strike em out dance.  

of course the boys like watching too.  this is my lucky shirt but it's barely hanging on.  poor thing has been stretched to it's limit.  


i showed adali this video of her at busch stadium the other night and she couldn't believe that she got to go watch the cardinals when she was so little.  

it has been a fun few weeks and no matter what happens with the rest of the season (but please know i think we can win this series against the grewers and make it to the world series) it has been great for us to share it with adali…and to think about the future and how loud the house will be with 3 little ones yelling, "go crazy folks, go crazy."  

go birds!

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  1. It really has been fun, hasn’t it?

    And you’re so right…having three in the house who love the Cardinals makes for a rowdy, fun game-watch!

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