wednesday, october 12


i was looking through pictures that were dumped on my computer the other day and had to laugh when i came across this one.  adali insisted on setting the timer on the camera to take a picture of what we were doing at the time.  dada was working late and we were snuggled in our bed watching the cardinals game.  it was the night the cards won and the braves lost to send the birds into the playoffs.  what a great night!

so, after thinking back on this night i wanted to post ten little things i want to remember about this time in our lives.

1 ~ adali is really at a fun stage.  i love watching her learn about how the world works around her.  i mean she literally wants to learn all day long.  yes, she likes to learn how to write her name or do really hard puzzles but her main fascination is anatomy.  i would not be surprised if she followed in her daddy's footsteps and added the letters md behind her name one day.  she has learned about nerves and the heart and how cells work in our body…and she remembers what she learns and talks about it…a lot.  

2 ~ i am really proud of jastin and what he has accomplished in his career so far.  he has big ambitions and is working really hard to achieve them.  and to boot, so many people have come up to me and told me how good he is at what he does.  i don't doubt them at all.  he truly cares about his patients and what is best for them.  

3 ~ i know a lot of people have blogged about the passing of steve jobs.  and after thinking about what his family might be going through and then selfishly thinking about how it would affect future apple products i thought that this is a person i want to make sure my children learn about.  if his story isn't told in history books, i will make sure that they learn about it from me.  i could do an entire post on this but i will leave it at that. 

4 ~ am i the only one that feels like pinterest is bigger than facebook right now?  i really like using it but between blogs that make being a mom and running a household look like peaches and cream and pinterest making every outfit look perfect, every recipe look delicious and every home look like it came straight out of architectural digest; i think it's important (for me at least) to remember that life is messy, being a mom is far from glamorous and that my house (that i love) will never, ever end up in architectural digest.   but for nothing else than to search auto corrected text messages, i will continue to use pinterest for a good laugh and a healthy dose of creative inspiration.  

5 ~ adali is on the growth chart for weight.  and we're not talking in the 1%.  she's in the 5-10%!  her pediatrician gave her a high five on that one and i gave her the biggest bear hug ever.  i told her it was all the peas and tomatoes she snuck out of the garden…she liked that one.    

6 ~ hello beautiful weather!  i'm really, really enjoying our indian summer.  there will be plenty of time (or realistically not for me) for cuddling under blankets with hot chocolate and a bowl of soup in the winter.  right now i'm enjoying sitting outside watching adali play hopscotch and go down the slide 5000 times in 60 seconds.  

7 ~ adali does not take bedtime well…at all.  she yells from her room, gets out of bed at least 7 times and will cry for a good thirty minutes before finally giving up.  help!  what can i do to make bedtime smoother?  we have a nightly routine, she has several self soothing items and i am at a loss.  

8 ~ i am getting really excited to meet the babes.  not like they need to come right now excited, just excited to have them as a part of our family.  

9 ~  my new iphone 4s should be delivered in the next few days.  eeeek!  i currently have the 2nd generation iphone and i have loved it but i'm really excited to get my hands on the new one and play with all the new technology that has come out.

10 ~  both babies have the hiccups right now.  it feels like there are ten fish swimming in my stomach.

the end.

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  1. Sandy says:

    3) totally agree

    4) lol i’ve thought the same thing…i use it for recipes and inspiration on things that do NOT turn out quite as they appear on pinterest….but hey…i tried…..messy life is a real life.

    5 and 6) yea!!!

    7) time….i think it is just her age…both of my boys were that way at her age…and eventually flipped a switch….hate to tell you though that switch often flips back :)

    8) eeekkk!!!! exciting!!!!

    9) i just updated my 4 to the 5os…..totally different……also took 2.5 hrs to update!!!!!!crazy……..but still love it

    10) love that feeling :)

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