friday, october 28

i'm still on a high from last night which is a really, really good thing considering the lasck of sleep i got.  and because i'm still on an adrenaline rush that i know won't last much longer because my anxiety will start to creep up about tonights game 7, i thought i would post some fun cardinal related pics from my phone taken the past few weeks.

Cards phone collage

1) moments after the cards became the national league champions.

2) adali underneath the big screen after speaking at the march of dimes signature chefs auction.  

3) adali, daddy and alphie watching game 2 of the world series after speaking at the march of dimes signature chefs auction.

4) this is how i found alphie yesterday after adali went to school.  apparently he needed the rally towel to help him sleep.

5)  adali had the rally towel going in full force last night.  it worked!

6) jastin and i stopped by kiener plaza on a lunch date a few days ago to see the red fountains in honor of the redbirds.

7) me proving i can still do "the move"…barely.

8) david freese, the hometown kid, after his walkoff homerun in the 11th inning to force a game 7.

9) celebrate boys…and then remember we need to do the same thing tonight!

last night was a special game if you were a cardinal fan.  one i will certainly never forget.  i remember turning to jastin in the 10th inning and telling him i just had a feeling it wasn't over.  we were going to pull it out.  i had no idea it would be in such a dramatic fashion.  call it luck, call it guts, call it the best world series game ever…really, call it whatever you want…i call it special.

oh, and adali…man is she into it.  like sincerely cares what is going on.  she wants to know who the pitcher (or the thrower as she sometimes calls him) is for the night, when to wave her rally towel and ultimately who wins.  and lord help me if she asks me what chris carpenter is having for breakfast one more time.  if someone has any connections to carp, please find out what he has for breakfast so we can put the the 3 year old debate to rest once and for all!

and just as i said in my last cards post, no matter what happens tonight, it has been so much fun to watch and be a part of this post season.  

update ~ this is adali's game 7 outfit picked out by herself of course.


go cards and thanks for some amazing memories! 

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  1. Jenny says:

    I was thinking about you guys last night as I watched that spectacular comeback. As I type this tonight I am watching the post game interviews. Congrats!

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