tuesday, october 25

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today i am 28 weeks and 6 days.  3 more days than i made it with adali.  even though it wasn't a goal of mine to make it farther than what i made it with adali, i can't help but get excited with each day i make it past 28 weeks, 3 days.  a little fist bump with my gestating self every morning…one more day down.  it's not really like i have anything to do with it but my doctor's are good about building it up like it is…which i'll take at this point.  

i had a quick check-in with my regular physician last thursday and yet another a+ grade.  i even passed my one hour glucose.  holla!  it's nice when the appointments are quick and boring.  

i did have a teeny, tiny little hiccup on thursday afternoon that sent me to women's eval just to make sure everything was indeed good with the babes.  it was really eery to be back in the place where it all started with adali (and having adali with me this time nonetheless) but i felt confident it would be a quick trip and on my merry way.   everything checked out just fine so it ended up being just a little hiccup which was very comforting.  oh, and one of the nurses in women's eval remembered jastin and i from being there with adali.  she was more than thrilled to see how well adali was doing.  

my mantra every morning when i wake up is "embrace the curves."  honestly it was hard for me when i hit the point where i was bigger than i was with adali.  the "bump" seemed to appear overnight and it was just something that took a bit of getting used to.  now that i'm, ahem, large and in charge in the belly region it doesn't seem so difficult to accept all the changes.  i'm ebracing it all.  let's face it…this is it….the last time (and first for much of it) i will ever experience this, i should be embracing it.  

we've done a little bit more in the nursery.  jastin and i both love it!  to quote jastin, "now this is a manly room."  adali loves it too.  we catch her in there pretending to take care of her babies all the time.  she draws them pictures and leaves them in their cribs too.  so fun.  

so, i'm not going to sit here and pretend that getting to 28 weeks has been easy but it's been a huge blessing and i can't wait to hit my first goal of 30 weeks in just a little over a week!  too bad i can't celebrate with a cupcake {sad face}.  

much love,

mama a

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  1. hooray for this milestone, jamie! i was actually just thinking about this last week. so happy for you, and can’t wait to meet those baby boys!

  2. sara t says:

    Awesome— you look great!!!
    Enjoy your quite time – as I read this blog post I listened to my little man screaming his head off — you forget how much work infants are until you are knee deep in the trenches again!!! Prepare yourself!! :-)

  3. Sandy says:

    Glad that things are still going great! You look wonderful!

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