tuesday, november 29 she's been practcing and she's ready.  in fact, at any given moment if you walk into the nursery you will find two babies rocking in the swing, two babies in each crib and at least one baby on the changing pad getting a fresh diaper.  her babies go everywhere with her…everywhere.   [ Continue Reading ... ]

32 weeks collage1

tuesday, november 22 goal 2, check.  who knew that i would make it this far with twins with virtually no complications.  this pregnancy has been tremendously healing for me.  it's shown me that everyone was probably right and that i shouldn't have any guilt about how things turned out in my pregnancy with adali.  maybe [ Continue Reading ... ]


thursday, november 17 swoon.  i love this picture so much we recently had our very first parent-teacher conference for adali.  for some reason i was a little bit nervous.  i'm not sure why, i mean it's preschool not junior high school, but i just didn't know what to expect.  my anxiety grew even more as [ Continue Reading ... ]

30 weeks collage1

monday, november 7 first goal….check!  i made it to 30 weeks.  i remember what i thought at 13 weeks when they first told me that 30 weeks was my first goal…"holy cow that is so far away."  but here we are and at 30 weeks and the baby's still looked great.  both babies are head [ Continue Reading ... ]


wednesday, november 2 now that i'm recovered from my baseball hangover and it's now november, i figured it would be a good idea to recap some fun times we've had this fall. a few weeks ago we braved the pumpkin patch.  the weather was gorgeous and adali was all about it. she was a natural [ Continue Reading ... ]


tuesday, november 1 well we did it.  we won the world series.  it's still hard for me to wrap my head around.  and now, 4 days later, i still have a baseball hangover.  on saturday i took a 2 hour nap and was in bed and asleep at 9 pm.  i am emotionally and physically [ Continue Reading ... ]