wednesday, november 2

now that i'm recovered from my baseball hangover and it's now november, i figured it would be a good idea to recap some fun times we've had this fall.

a few weeks ago we braved the pumpkin patch.  the weather was gorgeous and adali was all about it.


Fall collage1

she was a natural on the ponies.  no need for daddy by her side this year.


she made all the decisions in the corn maze.  we may have come out the same way we came in but she was none the wiser and loved every minute of playing the "leader."

Fall collage2

adali and daddy scoping out our next corn maze moves from the watch tower.



i think it's safe to say baby connor loved the ponies as well.

Fall collage3



they had this new jumpy thing {totally an official term}.  just a word to the wise…pregnant women and jumpy things don't mix.  ever.



ummm, you think she's having fun?


i took this picture before we were ever out of the parking lot.

Fall collage4

next up was adali's school halloween party.  i signed up to help out and volunteered to be in charge of games so it was hard to snap some good pics but i was just thrilled to be a part of it.  this was the kids first ever experience with a school party which was interesting.  they didn't really get the whole jist of it in the beginning, but trust me, by the end they were all about it.



it came down to adali and her friend, shea in musical chairs.  we called it a tie.  i think it's safe to say that adali has inherited the competitive gene from jastin and i.



snack time.  shockingly adali wasn't really into her cupcake.



making halloween necklaces.


daddy helped batman figure out his necklace.


party foul adali….


and finally trick or treating.  adali insisted on having her "face painted."  the only thing i could come up with was freckles and adali wanted BIG freckles.  who knows if little red riding hood even has freckles but this one does.  and i might be a bit biased but she was pretty darn cute with or without freckles.

Fall collage5



we had to stop by our next door neighbors so she could show off and as soon as we turned the corner she froze.  deer in the headlights.  she turned into shy little red riding hood.  but trust me when i say that she has enjoyed more than a couple of bites of the caramel  apples they gave her.  

Fall collage6

later it was on to the heavy duty trick or treating with her buddy ellie. 


again, it took her a few minutes to warm up but after a few houses she was alllll about it.  a big shout out to jastin for being the world's best dad.  i wasn't feeling all that hot on this particular night so i snuck back home after a few houses and i don't think adali even realized i wasn't there.  he stepped up to the plate and made sure adali had the best halloween ever.  thanks j!  

Fall collage7


by this point in the night she was like so many other kids and we had to remind her to only take one piece, not an entire handful.  sneaky little one i tell ya. 



Family collage8


fall has been a smashing success so far.  the weather has been beautiful and adali has loved all of the fun activities and is looking forward to what remains…too bad she's not big enough to rake leaves yet.  


go team antisdel.

much love,

mama a

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