thursday, november 17


swoon.  i love this picture so much

we recently had our very first parent-teacher conference for adali.  for some reason i was a little bit nervous.  i'm not sure why, i mean it's preschool not junior high school, but i just didn't know what to expect.  my anxiety grew even more as we sat down and the first thing out of the mouth of adali's teacher was "boy" as she shook her head back and forth.  i thought, "uh oh this is so not going to be good."  her nod was followed by "adali may be small, but she sure is mighty!"  ohhh sweet, sweet words.  i immediately beamed a big old grin and remembered back to her first few days in the nicu when one of her nurses pointed out that she may be one of the smallest babies in the nicu but she sure was mighty.  i felt we had come full circle in that very moment.  

this more than anything made me proud.  not that she knew her colors, shapes or numbers but that she is holding her own socially with other children.  it's common for smaller kids (the size difference between her and her classmates is more than noticeable) to get lost amongst the crowd, become shy and lose confidence in their own abilities.  apparently, this isn't adali {grin}.  according to her teacher she gets right in there with the other kids, is confident in her own abilites and is assertive when she needs to be.  

if i think back to our conversations together about pre-school happenings of the day i really should have known this is how she was.  for example she often says that xx tells me i'm really little and i tell her "no i'm not."  ohhh it makes me so happy that we are raising a happy, confident little girl that really believes she can do anything anybody else can if not more.  how could i ask for anything more??

since that day, i have called her mighty mouse a few times and she quickly corrects me…."i'm not mighty mouse, i'm adali!"  so don't ever call her little, or princess, or cutie because she's adali and that's how she likes it.   

today is world prematurity day.  it's a day the march of dimes among other organtizations try to bring awareness to prematurity and the mission to hopefully end it altogether one day.  to do my part i will be doing a radio interview on the dave glover show, 97.1 FM at 4:45 (ish)…this is the fox talk radio station for those of you not familiar with st. louis radio.  i hope i do adali proud.   

much love, 

mama a

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  1. Jenny says:

    I was just thinking about you this morning and hoping all was still going well with the babes. I love the picture too and I love that you (and the babes) are reflected back in Jastin’s glasses! It’s funny that Adali doesn’t want to be called anything else either. Julia always says “Why’d you call me Honey? I’m just Julia.” Take care!

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