tuesday, november 29


she's been practcing and she's ready.  in fact, at any given moment if you walk into the nursery you will find two babies rocking in the swing, two babies in each crib and at least one baby on the changing pad getting a fresh diaper.  her babies go everywhere with her…everywhere.  

we have included her in anything we could think of from helping get the nursery ready to pulling stuff out of storage in the basement and making sure it's clean and ready to go.  she's willing to do anything "baby related."  i fugured i might as well take advantge of her eagerness so i made sure she knew how to properly feed a baby and how to change a diaper.  and trust me when i say that i plan to take full advantage of her eagerness to help.  

i call her my little mama but you know her…she's just adali.   

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  1. Sandy says:

    love the rosey little cheeks!

  2. Jennifer Teegarden says:

    She is so cute! Looks like you are going to have a great little helper. Hope you are feeling well!

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