monday, november 7

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first goal….check!  i made it to 30 weeks.  i remember what i thought at 13 weeks when they first told me that 30 weeks was my first goal…"holy cow that is so far away."  but here we are and at 30 weeks and the baby's still looked great.  both babies are head down now but baby a is really far down.  based on the ultrasound measurements baby a most likely weighs 3 lbs 3 oz and baby b most likely weighs 3 lbs 12 oz.  so they have definitely separated in size.  it is something we will certainly keep a close eye on but it's not out of the oridnary at this stage for twins to separate some.  a fun thing we saw on the ultrasound was that baby a has hair.  

i am feeling so-so.  life gets pretty uncomfortable after dinner.  i have 7 lbs of baby lovin' going on in there right now which doesn't leave room for much else…like my vital organs.   the good news is that my blood pressure has remained low and so far show no signs of any of the complications that lead to adali's early arrival.  rock on.

we have a really short list of names and i have a feeling it will be a gametime decision on what we finally go with.  adali on the other hand has had names for them for quite some time.  she came up with these names during a very long car ride while on vacation and has not forgotten them.  so when her teachers asked her what the boys' names were she didn't hesitate to answer buckle and strap.  yes, you read right, buckle and strap…and she's dead serious.  so imagine the look on my face when her teachers confronted me a few weeks ago after class to ask if the names were really buckle and strap.  all i could do was laugh and, well, assure them that although we like to choose somewhat unique names that buckle and strap were even out of our comfort zone.

i've been asked a lot where i get my maternity clothes from.  truth be told, i haven't bought a single maternity item (i have one maternity shirt from when i was pregnant with adali but i wear it all the time when i'm not pregnant).  clearly not because i don't need to but because i'm a tight a** and didn't feel like spending the money on clothes i will only get a few months of use out of.  for my pants i just use the bella bands that i had from my pregnancy with adali.  shirts are a bigger issue.  they just keep getting shorter darnit.  i'm seriously testing the seams on everything i put on.  oh well.

cliff notes version of this post is that i made it to my first goal of 30 weeks…32 weeks is my next goal, both my doctor's are thrilled with how everything is progressing, i'm uncomfortable, adali is creative with baby names and i'm a tight butt who refuses to buy maternity clothes.  over and out.

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  1. Sara T says:

    Congrats on the 30 week mark!

  2. hooray for the big 3-0! i am so excited that things have gone so well for you and the babies. even more excited to meet the little guys and find out those names. xo.

    PS you look adorable even if you are a tight a**. not sure maternity clothes could do you any better ;)

  3. Michelle says:

    Turning 30 is usually scary, but this 30 is awesome!! Congratulations A family!! And a far as the clothes are concerned, I was much bigger than you seem to be (not to mention I was only carrying ONE baby…damn you, skinny girls!) and I could very rarely find maternity clothes to fit me. It was all too big! Target and Macy’s, large jr sized stretchy tops were my friends :) and the belly band! You look great, girl!

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