tuesday, november 22

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goal 2, check.  who knew that i would make it this far with twins with virtually no complications.  this pregnancy has been tremendously healing for me.  it's shown me that everyone was probably right and that i shouldn't have any guilt about how things turned out in my pregnancy with adali.  maybe it was something i did but it could have just been crappy ass luck too and i've never really let myself truly believe that before recently.  and for that realization i am so thankful.  it has freed me.

when people ask me how i'm feeling i don't really know what to say.  i feel really pregnant.  i think i'll just leave it at that from now on because while most of the "feelings" of being really pregnant are unpleasant this is what i wanted.  so i'm embracing really pregnant right now.

the babes are doing great.  i had fetal monitoring done last week and will have another test again tomorrow but they seem to be bahaving as they should.  one fun thing is that their heart rates are nearly identical.  on the monitor they look like the same baby but it's clearly tracking 2 separate heartrates as the monitors are on 2 completely different locations on my belly.  hopefully this means they like each other.  

i am having more and more noticeable contractions.  hopefully i can keep them in check for one more week.  i just need one more week to feel good about everything…just one.more.week… 

since about week 24 i've noticed that everyone has an opinion about how you look when they see you.  and it's not people you would expect…ya know, like people you know.  i'm talking about complete strangers here.  you can have half a dozen people tell you how great you look, how small you are, how you are carrying all in your belly, etc and then just as many tell you that you look like your ready to pop any second now or how uncomfortable you look.  it's not that i like or don't like their comments because lets face it on those days where you feel like a water buffalo shoved into a tube sock (my new favorite way to express how i feel right now) who wouldn't like to hear that they look great.  i'm just mesmerized that people are so willing to speak up to you having never said a word to you before.  and if they don't say it directly to your face they aren't ashamed to talk about you with their friends like you aren't standing 10 feet away from them.  hello, i'm right here…and i can hear you.     

and for the most exciting news of all is that traci delivered 2 healthy baby girls last week, both over 5 pounds.  she made it all the way to 34.5 weeks.  that is amazing considering she went into labor at 23 weeks.  she is a true testament to the devoation a mother has to her children.  i couldn't be more proud or more happy for her.  thank you all so much for your prayers.     

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  1. Jenny says:

    I’m so happy for you guys! And you do look great by the way! What always interested me about being pregnant was that people seemed to think they had blanket permission to lay their hand on my stomach (especially elderly ladies). I’ve had complete strangers put their hand on my stomach and give me their opinion of what the sex of my baby was. Weird! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Yay, Jamie! So glad to hear this pregnancy has been healing for you. I can’t wait to meet those baby boys!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Michelle Stokes says:

    Not to jinx it, but you’ll probably end up holding out longer than next week. Just because that’s how the world rolls. LOL!!

    I’m excited for you and can’t wait to see the pictures of the two new additions.

  4. I am so extremely excited for you and your family!! I think of you all often, which is so funny since I do not know you. This post really hit home for me. I stumbled upon your blog when my water broke at 26 weeks and was hospitalized to try to keep our baby in-utero longer (I was researching blogs about families with premature babies). Miraculously I was able to stay in the hospital bed for 6 weeks and did not go into labor until 32 weeks. Our baby boy is 11 months (spent 4 weeks in the NICU after birth) and he is healthy, happy and right on target developmentally. I read your blog almost everyday while in the hospital and have continued to keep up with your growing family. My doctor (who is now a dear friend after our adventure, ha!) and the nurses are asking us constantly if we will have another child and strongly encourage it. My husband and I are a nervous wreck over the idea of this happening again during another pregnancy (although only a 5% chance) and when I read how you have found this pregnancy healing I could feel myself take a huge breath. I still go through the “what ifs” or “is it something I did” but hearing how you have felt through this pregnancy has been so encouraging. I just can’t imagine our son, Miller, not having a sibling. Thank you so much for sharing your story with all of us. Adelle is beyond perfectly adorable!!

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