December collage1

thursday, december 22 it's tough to find time for memory snapshots right now but i so desperatly want to document as much as i can about this time in our lives because it is a special one and it won't last much longer.  i usually have at least one baby attached to me the majority [ Continue Reading ... ]


thursday, december 15   sleepless nights have me seeing double but i wouldn't change it for anything right now.  we are still trying to work a few kinks out with night feedings but overall ames and emry are really good babies…aka they like to sleep a lot. several people have asked how to pronounce ames' [ Continue Reading ... ]

Phone ames_emry

monday, december 12 while i had some free time i wanted to get a few things down so that i can look back and remember how special this first week has been. first of all who knew you could have so much love left in your heart for two more little beings.  i turn to [ Continue Reading ... ]

welcome to the world...

thursday, december 8 ames edward antisdel 5 lbs. 5 oz. 18 inches emry charles antisdel 5 lbs. 4 oz. 19 inches thank you for all of the congratulations and well wishes. we have been soaking them all up. they are pure perfection.

Maternity collage1

monday, december 5

34 weeks collage1

saturday, december 3 34 weeks, check!  we are still here and despite a few rumblings that the babies have already arrived i can firmly attest that they are still gestating…right on my bladder and up inside my ribs.  but all is well.   the babes both looked fabulous the other day at our appointment.  heartrates [ Continue Reading ... ]