thursday, december 22

it's tough to find time for memory snapshots right now but i so desperatly want to document as much as i can about this time in our lives because it is a special one and it won't last much longer.  i usually have at least one baby attached to me the majority of the day and if i don't i'm trying to catch up on sleep so most memories have been captured by the camera phone which i'm fine with.  

here are a few scenes around the antisdel home as of late.  

December collage1

1 ~ late night baby snuggles with daddy

2 ~ she wears the big sister title with honor (and wears the shirt proclaiming said title every chance she can)

3 ~ baby prayers

4 ~ candlelight dinner prepared by hubby


December collage2

5 ~ my boys side by side

6 ~ my girl with sugar plums dancing in her head

7 ~ ames {aka old bright eyes}

8 ~ daddy's newborn survial kit including hand sanitizer, good bottles and a glass of wine


December collage3

9 ~ adali giving love to one of the boys {she gives "love" every chance she can get}

10 ~ elf taking a bubble bath in adali's sink…oh the girl lives and dies for finding the elf every morning. magic

11 ~ one of my fav pics from the hospital.  nap time for the boys.

12 ~ smother love


adali is soaking up all things holiday this year.  she gets it, she loves it she deserves it.  i can't wait to see the magic unfold in a few days.  dear christmas, ready or not, here we come!

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  1. Sarah Filchak says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your memories! I know “down time” is precious those first few weeks/days. Enjoy each and every moment. Merry Christmas

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