tuesday, january 31 …they just rarely have them open at the same time. while one is doing this…     the other is doing this…     i'm trying hard to get them on the same awake sleep schedule during the day and occassionally it is working…   they are such good babies and i [ Continue Reading ... ]

Ames 1month

thursday, january 19

Adali camera

wednesday, january 18 oh my dear adali,  you just told me as i ushered you back to bed for the fifth (we're up to seven now) time tonight that "you don't like it when i have to be mean."  well, my child, i don't like it when i have to be mean either but for [ Continue Reading ... ]


tuesday, january 10 i wanted to make sure and document the boys nursery.  it's something that jastin and i worked really hard on and had a lot of fun putting together.  i am beyond thrilled with how it turned out and i'm excited to share it. i had a vision of what i wanted and [ Continue Reading ... ]

Ames and emry  4 days0100wqe

thursday, january 5 1 month ago right about now i was starting to get really anxious and really excited all at the same time.  i am going to leave the way ames and emry entered ino the world for it's own post but i had to stop in and post something today to celebrate their [ Continue Reading ... ]


tuesday, january 3 our christmas and new years was a bit more low key this year but no less special.  we decided last christmas that this year we would spend christmas eve and christmas morning at our house and other family gatherings would have to fall around those days.   adali drank up the magic [ Continue Reading ... ]