tuesday, january 3

our christmas and new years was a bit more low key this year but no less special.  we decided last christmas that this year we would spend christmas eve and christmas morning at our house and other family gatherings would have to fall around those days.  

adali drank up the magic of the season.  if she wasn't carting the nativity set all over the house and making up her own stories about mary, joseph and the baby jesus she was searching for what trouble the elf managed to get in the night before or thinking about what cookies were best to give santa and where the best place was to put the reindeer food for rudolph and his pals.  it was fun to watch her and at times hard to manage.  there were certainly days where her magic-o-meter runeth over which inevitably leads to meltdowns and tantrums.  couple that with her adjusting to 2 new beings sharing space with her and i also found my holiday-o-meter running over which also lead to a few metdowns and tantrums of my own.  what?  i'm only human and exteremly hormonal…cut me some slack.    

but we managed to fit it all in and survive.  here are some of my favorite snapshots from the season.





adali loves her earmuffs.  and for some reason the morning went from this sweet innocent moment…


to this!  if there is one picture that fully emobies the attitude of adali as of late it's this one.   


she got a bike for christmas and when she wanted to ride it she simply took her socks off and put her boots on.  quite a sight for sure. 

we rang in 2012 quietly at home…complete with champaign for everyone.




adali thought she was pretty special with her "bubbly."


slow down girl…


i think we had to "cheers" at least 2 dozen times.


and then we started a new tradition.  we had been gifted a wish lantern and adali had beencounting down the days to let it off.  the condition were far from ideal since it was blustery but jastin was determined to get it to take off.


it briefly caught itself on fire and bounced around the yard in a few futile attempts to take off and then…

up…up…up it went.  the look on her face was priceless.  i was shocked with how high and how far it went and wondered if we should have taken the directions more seriously and notified the airport we were doing this.  it took off directly over the interstate and i'm sure there were a few "wtf's" and "is that a ufo" quotes going on in cars along 270.  

Xmas_newyears collage1


our wish was made and all we can do is hope that 2012 provides as with half us many blessings as 2011 did.  

it's safe to say that our holiday's were celebrated a little bit differently this year than in the past but we spent them together, as a family of five and i get all choked up just thinking about what that means now and for the future.  swoon.

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  1. Sandy says:

    Glad to hear that you had a wonderful holiday season! Love the adorable pictures – and I even see some little baby eyes open!!!

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