wednesday, january 18

Adali camera

oh my dear adali, 

you just told me as i ushered you back to bed for the fifth (we're up to seven now) time tonight that "you don't like it when i have to be mean."  well, my child, i don't like it when i have to be mean either but for the love of all that is holy, please keep your butt in bed.  

Adali camera-4

oh my dear adali,

if there was one word i could use to describe you these last few months it would be intense.  you have struggles with tactile issues, specifcally clothing.  as in you don't want to wear any…at all.  you asked if you could go to target with me one day and when i told you you needed to get dressed if you wanted to come you came out wearing the same plain black shirt you want to wear every day (because it's soft) with your boots.  and that's it.  no pants.  you could not understand why in the world your mean mama was making you put on pants to go.  it's gotten so bad that we needed to start a bit of sensory therapy with you.  so far it's seems to be doing some good as you have worn pants on your own without any complaint for several days now.  i can't even remember the last time that has happened…last september maybe.  who knew a prickly brush could give some much needed peace to our mornings.  up next we need to figre out how to get you to wear socks, shoes and coats.    

Adali camera-2

oh my dear adali,

i am so so so sorry i didn't take you to the doctor sooner for what turned out to be a bladder infection.  i chalked your complaints up to part of your sensory issues.  bad, bad mama.  to say i feel guilty would be a huge understatement.  however, you are on the mend and in a much better mood now that you are feeling better.     

oh my dear adali,

your intensity also comes in such sweet packages as well.  you love your brothers so intensly.  you want to hold them all day long and give them kisses every time you walk past them.  you can often be heard yelling from your payroom to "bring you a baby brudder."  the way you say their names is so dang cute and when we ask you which one we are holding you always say ames.  don't worry though there are lots of people that still can't tell them apart…ahem…bapa.      

Adali camera-3

{these are some of the few pictures i have i can actually post of you because, well, you don't have pants on in any of the others} 

oh my dear adali,

you are fierce and stubborn and set in your ways.  you are bound for great things.  keep loving life and learning new things.  just remember to put on your pants before you leave the house.  

i love you to the moon and back my sweet, sweet adali.  love, your mean, mean mama.

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  1. Molly says:

    Have you ever heard of or tried Soft Clothing? link to

  2. Jamie says:

    Holy cow Molly! Thank you so, so much for the link! Adali is going to be so excited and I’m sure will want to point out that I was indeed wrong and that all clothing does not on fact have seams (or problems as she calls them).

  3. sara t says:

    Love the post and can relate with the clothing issues… still experiencing them with Abby!!

  4. Molly says:

    Glad to help! I’m an OT that works with many kiddos with the same issues and those clothes have really helped them! Good luck!

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