Winter2012 collage1

tuesday, february 21 i managed to catch the news this morning when they were showing some crazy pictures of the brutal winter europe is having.  all i could think was, "ewww, glad that's not us."  last winter seemed especially harsh and never-ending.  this winter has been exceptionally mild and actually quite pleasant {so far}.  we [ Continue Reading ... ]


wednesday, february 15   really, i do.  i love to love.  and most of all right now, i love my family.  like, i love them so much it makes my chest hurts, it makes my eyes water, it makes me lose my breath.  i like valentine's day for the memories it brings back of my [ Continue Reading ... ]


wednesday, february 8 i wasn't sure if it was possible but we did it.  we managed to go out and mingle with adults.  it's true that i almost forgot that people existed that didn't need their butt's wiped or burped and could {gasp} actually feed themselves.   last weekend we were invited to an event [ Continue Reading ... ]