wednesday, february 8

i wasn't sure if it was possible but we did it.  we managed to go out and mingle with adults.  it's true that i almost forgot that people existed that didn't need their butt's wiped or burped and could {gasp} actually feed themselves.  

last weekend we were invited to an event for the contemporary art museum.  it was sort of a dreery night but it sure made for a beautiful shot of the arch.  



{the lovely arch} 

i promised myself to put my post baby body insecurities aside and get all gussied up and enjoy the night.  and i did. 

Cam collage1

 {an attempt at self portraits}

it was a great night shared with great griends.  oh and the 79 krug wasn't so bad either.  yummy.  it doesn't hurt to get to share some of the best wine you can imagine on your first night getting to enjoy yourself in nearly a year {thanks mark and mike}.


Cam collage2

 {my favorite drink of the night and mayor slay}

i learned a few things this weekend…

you can still feel pretty even after just having babies a 2 months ago.

i really like 79 krug.

it's important to do things for yourself and with your spouse so you don't get lost in babyland.

you can indeed pump at a formal event in an evening gown.

after a few glasses of wine your husband will be willing to guard the door while you pump at a formal event in an evening gown.

thanks m & k for another fun night!

and check this out… the museum has free playdates for toddlers the first tuesday of each month…this is right up adali's ally…anyone want to join us??



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  1. Debbe Wendt says:

    What baby insecurities could your possibly have? You are drop dead gorgeous!

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