tuesday, february 21

i managed to catch the news this morning when they were showing some crazy pictures of the brutal winter europe is having.  all i could think was, "ewww, glad that's not us."  last winter seemed especially harsh and never-ending.  this winter has been exceptionally mild and actually quite pleasant {so far}.  we seem to have had enough nice days to make the not-so-nice days manageable.  i love looking at the forecast on my phone and seeing 50's and even 60's.  i'll take it old man winter.  i'll take it.  

here are a few snapshots taken only 10 days apart that sum up this winter thus far.  

Winter2012 collage1




Winter2012 collage2spring

Winter2012 collage3winter

do you notice she has clothes on?  it's a christmas miracle.  its like she never had issues.  and it's a saving grace for me every morning not to have to fight with her to get dressed.  as a matter of fact she dresses herself every morning without being told, hence the the crazy outfits in most pictures.  
one morning she came into our room at 5 am and needed to be put back to bed.  i no sooner crawled back in bed and heard her opening dresser drawers in her room.  but, it was 5 am and if she wasn't bothering me, i wasn't going to bother her.  when she came back in at a decent time she was fully dressed and informed me that she got dressed in the middle of the night and went back to sleep.  nobody warned me that kids do some really strange things.
tomorrow they are calling for high's in the mid 60's…i bet she comes in our room dressed in a sweater and snow pants.  but i'll just smile and tell her she is cute.  and her response…"no i'm not, i'm just adali."


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    “Are you teasin me?”

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