wednesday, february 15



really, i do.  i love to love.  and most of all right now, i love my family.  like, i love them so much it makes my chest hurts, it makes my eyes water, it makes me lose my breath.  i like valentine's day for the memories it brings back of my childhood.  of reading {and rereading} little love notes from your classmates, of heart-shaped suckers received by friends in highschool, of unexpectedly making someone's day who wasn't expecting to be reminded how much they are loved.  i don't need a day on a calendar to be reminded of how much i am loved or to remind me to tell other's how much i love them.  for me, it's not a day i need, it's pictures, it's memories it's words.

i wrote on facebook yesterday that "i was reminded how important it is to hold those you love close and tell them how much they mean to you…not because it's valentine's day but simply because it is a new day and you never know if it's the last time you get to tell them. "  our family lost someone yesterday in an awful and untimely way.  and i know as much as i am heartbroken over it, his wife and children are hurting even more.  i realize that no amount of tears and prayer will bring him back but it doesn't make it any easier to say goodbye.  

so today i am choosing to look back on pictures, dig up memories and count my blessings for those around me that i love so much.  

here are just a few of the pictures i have found just of this past month that make me smile.











ps…i love you.


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  1. Sarah Filchak says:

    Well said, mama A!
    Thanks for putting it into perspective.

  2. sara t says:

    Who is Jastin holding in the 2nd to last picture?? Is it an old photo of Adali – if not – one of those brothers sure looks like her!!!

    Great post!!!

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