thursday, march 29   i'm struggling. i'm sleep deprived. i'm juggling way too many things. the balls are starting to drop. i'm struggling.   oh and i'm switching blog providers.  bear with me.   in the meantime, please don't forget about our march for babies fundrasing efforts.  

Phone collage1

thursday, march 20   1. chubby baby smiles {emry}. 2. an impromtu appointment with daddy to check on adali's tubes and some odd symptoms going on in her neck.  to me she was incredibly brave about the whole situation…in part because she is so fasicnated with what he does.  3. ames looking all serious with [ Continue Reading ... ]


thursday, march 15 she asked to get her hair cut, so that's what we did…   she said she wanted her hair short, i said ok…and off we went to get it cut.   her dada was pretty sad when we came home…i think his lack of hair makes him super sensitive to me cutting [ Continue Reading ... ]


monday, march 12 i just checked my phone and it's 77 degress outside.  i wouldn't know what that feels like since i'm holed up inside fighting a virus.  i knew this morning i would need something to help get me through the day.  i found in it 2 chubby cheeked babies smiling back at me [ Continue Reading ... ]


thursday, march 8     she's four!  and we are making her feel extra, extra special these next few days because, well, she is.  right now i am listening to her giggle like crazy in the other room as she wrestles with her dada.  she has brought such joy to our lives and taught us [ Continue Reading ... ]

Ames 2months

friday, march 2 i figured i better get in gear and get this up seeing as they are 3 months in just a few days.  there are some days i feel bad about neglecting the blog but really i should be patting myself on the back for neglecting it because that means i am soaking [ Continue Reading ... ]