thursday, march 20

Phone collage1


1. chubby baby smiles {emry}.

2. an impromtu appointment with daddy to check on adali's tubes and some odd symptoms going on in her neck.  to me she was incredibly brave about the whole situation…in part because she is so fasicnated with what he does. 

3. ames looking all serious with those big blue eyes.  serious look is hard for him because he's nearly all smiles. 

4. our house is one obsessed with smoothies lately.  

5. adali and i playing grocery store for the 354th time that day {emry in the background}.

6. sleeping baby {emry}.

7. spring!

8. celebrating signing the sidney house over to new owners with some ted drewes.  bittersweet…but mostly sweet to only have one mortgage now.

9. someone fell asleep during playtime {ames}.

10. babywearing {ames}.

11. adali feeding dancer at gaga and bapas where she is currently spending her spring break catching up with cousins and playing in good dirt.  

over and out.

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