photo 5

 thursday, april 26 so, the march for babies is only a few days away. holla!  the t-shirt design was chosen a few weeks ago and this week the students have been working on getting them all printed.  congratulations to trent for having the winning design…adali loves it!  oh and adali says thank you to uncle [ Continue Reading ... ]

ames 3months

tuesday, april 24 they are now almost 5 months but with the blog move and trying to work out tweaks (yes, i realize the blog isn’t showing up right on mobile devices) i’m a bit behind on this.   the pictures and letters were actually taken when they turned 3 months, which is why, if [ Continue Reading ... ]

easter2012 4

 sunday, april 22 it’s never too late for a little recap.  we had an amazing easter weekend.  adali is at an age where she gets why we celebrate easter (at an appropriate level for a 4 year old) and she gets super excited about he easter bunny.  albeit, the easter bunny has seemed to overstay [ Continue Reading ... ]

mod shirts2012 1

 tuesday, april 10 if you remember from this post, my brother had his graphics students design shirts for the march for babies this year.  well, the designs are in and it has been narrowed down to the top 5 {which was a really difficult task}.  now we need your help deciding which shirt would look [ Continue Reading ... ]

antisdel family easter2

 monday, april 9   it’s quiet.  jastin is sound asleep and the boys have settled in for the night in their positions on my side of the bed.  ames always on the left, emry always on the right.  i wanted to take a quick moment while the only thing i can hear are the thoughts [ Continue Reading ... ]