sunday, april 22

it’s never too late for a little recap.  we had an amazing easter weekend.  adali is at an age where she gets why we celebrate easter (at an appropriate level for a 4 year old) and she gets super excited about he easter bunny.  albeit, the easter bunny has seemed to overstay his welcome at our house.  every morning she looks for things that the easter bunny moved, left or told her.  and every bunny we see hopping in and out of flowers is, of course, THE easter bunny keeping an eye on her.  quite the imagination she has.  whatever keeps her behaving is fine by me, i guess.    

our weekend included fire pit time…

easter2012 4

snuggles with babies…

easter2012 5

egg dying…

easter2012 3

more snuggles with babies…


and the every popular with the 4 year old crowd…the easter egg hunt… 

easter2012 12


easter2012 9


easter2012 14
easter2012 11


easter collage1
easter2012 6
we hope your weekend was as blessed as ours.  


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