wednesday, may 23 the boys turned 4 months on april 5.  here are their 4 month fun facts and pics. the 4th month was a trying one in the land of twinhood with the boys.  i’m glad i’m posting this and looking back because i know it gets better.  but even during the most trying [ Continue Reading ... ]

 thursday, may 9 recently we had all three wee antisdels baptized.  you may be asking yourself why adali was just now being baptized. we are fairly certain that during one crazy scary evening in the nicu that adali was baptized, however, we have no record of it.  for this reason, it is important that she [ Continue Reading ... ]

photo 12

monday, may 14 our weekend through the lens of instagram. we gave cute babies lots of baths because boys are stinky. i got a pedicure.  i swear i could have sat in that chair all day if they would have let me. had lots of playtime with the boys.  i would say i will be [ Continue Reading ... ]

twins 4 months 5

 monday, may 7   i think because i’ve been in survival mode simply trying to make it through each day with all three wee antisdels needs being met, that i haven’t really wrapped my mind around the fact that we have twin boys in our house now.  when i really stop to think about that, [ Continue Reading ... ]

march for babies 2012 12 1

tuesday, may 1 well, we did it.  another successful year for the march for babies.  most importantly, we smashed our goal.  team adali’s angels raised over $4000 to help ensure that all babies are born healthy and that some day prematurity is something we speak of in past tense.   we had gorgeous weather for [ Continue Reading ... ]