thursday, may 9

recently we had all three wee antisdels baptized.  you may be asking yourself why adali was just now being baptized. we are fairly certain that during one crazy scary evening in the nicu that adali was baptized, however, we have no record of it.  for this reason, it is important that she receive what is known as a conditional baptism.  this, in no way, negates or makes any less special her previous baptism but it simply allows for an official record of it.

i knew it would be something special for adali to be baptized at an age where she would understand a bit more of the meaning behind it, but i wasn’t prepared for just how emotional it would make me.  she took it all in with such grace and made me very proud.  

the day was made even more special by having them all surrounded by people that love them and will make sure that they stay grounded in their faith.  

i have to say a special thank you to jastin’s mom, who graciously captured this special event for us.

it was a beautiful day filled with great joy for our entire family.  

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  1. sara t says:

    That is awesome that all 3 were baptized on the same day!! Looks like a very special day indeed!
    Congrats to all the Antisdels!

  2. Lindsey S. says:

    Such beautiful photos! I remember when I was baptized around 7 with my younger siblings…it was such a special day with all of my family and friends. I love reading your posts by the way….thank you for sharing your beautiful family with all of us. :)

  3. Michelle says:

    We love Adalis pretty white dress! Addi now wants gramaw to make her one, now that she knows gramaw sews :) The pictures of the boys being blessed, they (the boys) are so perfect looking that they look fake, like one of addis baby dolls! Congratulations, wee ones! “peace be with you!” ;)

    ps that church is where Addi went to preschool when she was younger, before Conner came along!

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