monday, may 14

our weekend through the lens of instagram.

photo 12

we gave cute babies lots of baths because boys are stinky.

photo 11

i got a pedicure.  i swear i could have sat in that chair all day if they would have let me.

photo 9

had lots of playtime with the boys.  i would say i will be excited to not have to be on the floor so much with them but that would mean they are roaming around and as i’ve said at least a hundred times already, i am so not ready for that.  

photo 13

we saw some of our sweet friends tie the knot on a beautiful day in forest park…minus the overly tanned, half naked man that was pumping iron off to the side of the ceremony.  seriously dude, despite what you may have thought they did not want you in their moment.

photo 7

we clean up pretty well. 

photo 8

best mother’s day gift ever.  she even vacuumed it by herself too.

photo 14

thoughtful hubby picked up some of my fav flowers in honor of the special day. 

photo 5

how lucky am i?  not only did i get a clean car, fresh flowers and not one but two naps on mother’s day, but gracie and j made the most delicious homemade strawberry shortcake…complete with freshly whipped cream.  it was to die for. 

photo 6

adali agreed…minus the whipped cream.  fine.  more for me.  

it was a great weekend and i was certainly counting my blessings yesterday as i celebrated my 5th year being a mama.  

last night i was up with emry as the final moments of mother’s day came to a close.  i thought it fitting that i was laying there rocking him, shushing him and urging him to relax as the day ended.  i was needed.  i was rockin’ the whole mama thing.  it has been a trying and very tiring few weeks with emry not wanting to  sleep much at all.  to put it simply, i have been exhausted which makes all of my emotions heightened.  i took that peaceful moment to reflect on all of the more difficult times i’ve had as a mother, in particular, with adali.  it helped put into perspective that this too is a speck in life.  a moment that will pass allowing yet another situation to present itself for me to put on the mama badge and do justice to one of the most important titles i will ever hold.

i have to give a huge shout out to my own mama who has made the past few weeks more bearable.  i love you so much mom and am blessed to have you as such a big part of not only my life, but my babies lives.  

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  1. Lindsey says:

    Seriously, ship Emry here. I will be glad to get him to sleep. I work wonders, you know.

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