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i think because i’ve been in survival mode simply trying to make it through each day with all three wee antisdels needs being met, that i haven’t really wrapped my mind around the fact that we have twin boys in our house now.  when i really stop to think about that, it’s just crazy to me!  we have twin boys.  holy s***!  

so here are a few little twin things that have been going on around here that i need to bottle up and bury in this virtual time capsule of a blog.

1) my boys are talkers.  they talk to anyone that will listen but the cutest thing that you may have ever seen is when they talk to each other.  sometimes they even yell at each other.  bossy pants i tell ya.  ohhh, how i wish i knew what they were saying.  

2) ames is sleeping through the night.  emry, not so much {read: he’s getting up at least twice through the night still}.  i really think emry does it to get extra cuddle time just to himself.

3) they were both rolling over both ways before they ever even hit the 4 month mark and are now rolling everywhere.  not even the hard wood floor stops them.  they want to be able to crawl so badly and have recently started getting themselves up and squirming more.  i’m not ready for that kind of baby mobility yet.  i need more sleep first.  emry. 

4) a few quirky physical things that have popped up recently.  ames has a birth mark on his tailbone that was not there when he was born.  emry has tiny little tumors in his left eye that our pediatrician assures me are harmless and will not affect his eyesight.  but seriously, how do you not worry about that?  

5) the boys are already wrestling with each other.  is this how it’s going to be forever?  if you put them down near each other one is inevitably wanting to roll over on the other or better yet kick the other.  it used to be that emry seemed to be picking on ames but now that ames is bigger, he doesn’t stand for much bullying and gives it right back to emry.  

6) on a sweeter note, they like to hold hands.  it’s most likely just another thing within distance that they can put in their mouth, but i’d like to think that even though they will wrestle around with one another that they will be besties forever.

7) i think we are really close to the teething stage.  drooling, finger chomping, fussy.  again, something i’m not prepared for.  i would love to have just one night of completely uninterrupted sleep before i’m up again with babies with sore gums.  oh, and is there anyway to get them to go through this stage at the same time?  you see, twin parenting works SO much better when the babes are on the same schedule and i need the boat to not be rocked when it comes to teething….

8)we are starting to get out more with all 3 wee antisdels now that people aren’t so germy and i never knew the attention twins brought when out in public.  i’ve started to pad our time to get things done with an extra ten minutes to accommodate for people’s natural reaction in public to want to stop you and ask if they are twins and tell you stories about a set of twins they knew.  i don’t mind it at all, it’s actually quite fun {if you aren’t in a hurry}…it’s just something i never thought about before.

9) both boys love the attention of adali.  ames has always loved her being in his face…and when i say in his face i mean literally 1/2 an inch from his face, but emry had been a little leery.  now, they are both all about her which is nice because it allows me to get a few things accomplished around the house…like, ohhh i don’t know, laundry and showering and if i’m lucky nourishing myself.  

10) i feel so blessed to have the experience of raising these two little boys and i can’t wait to see how crazy life continues to get with future adventures {like taking them, along with adali, out of the country in a little over a month}.  


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  1. Stacia says:

    Oh how I love reading your posts about twins. It gives me a little glimpse into what my next few Months Will be like. So far this is a wild roller coaster ride! Looking forward to what’s ahead…….although I will gladly skip the teething stage! Yuck!

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