thursday, june 14 we are headed to the dominican republic for my brother’s wedding…to jastin’s cousin.  weird huh?  charlie met stacy at our wedding 5 years ago and have been dating ever since.  i think they owe us a wedding gift don’t you?  i have always said that charlie would never get married.  guess i [ Continue Reading ... ]

wednesday, june 13 i’m slowly catching up on these.   on may 5th the boys turned 5 months.  the key to this month was a daytime routine.  i was finally able to get them on the same schedule as far as nap, wake, feeding time goes.  this has been key in my sanity and the [ Continue Reading ... ]

tuesday, june 12 last month j and i celebrated 5 year anniversary.  i feel like we have lived a lifetime full of experiences in those 5 years.  residency, fellowship, 2 moves, 1 preemie, 1 miscarriage, an exhausting battle with infertility, twins, robberies, a drive by shooting, a stalker, 5 cars, 3 homes…one of which resided [ Continue Reading ... ]

wednesday, june 6 saturday evening adali came down with a fever and all around just wasn’t acting herself.  i gave her something to help with the fever and asked if her throat hurt, “no.”  do your ears hurt?  ”no.”  she has a tendency to have lingering, somewhat high fevers so i kept an eye on [ Continue Reading ... ]

tuesday, june 5 today ames and emery became men.  oops.  i mean they celebrated their 1/2 birthday.  we let them celebrate with something only a 6 month old would drool over…literally.  homemade sweet potato puree complete with candles, song and dance.  they looked at us like fools but we had fun with it…and then we [ Continue Reading ... ]

thursday, may 31 goodbye may + hello june.  may is hands down my favorite month.  this particular may did not disappoint either.  lots of weddings, family time and a night out in celebration of being married five years {seriously one of the funnest and funniest nights i’ve had out in a long time…right ang?}. our [ Continue Reading ... ]