tuesday, june 12

last month j and i celebrated 5 year anniversary.  i feel like we have lived a lifetime full of experiences in those 5 years.  residency, fellowship, 2 moves, 1 preemie, 1 miscarriage, an exhausting battle with infertility, twins, robberies, a drive by shooting, a stalker, 5 cars, 3 homes…one of which resided in a retirement community, a few disagreements and countless belly laughs.  some of these experiences have made it to the blog, but many haven’t.  one thing hasn’t changed over those 5 years and that is the amount of love i have for him.  he takes every bit of craziness that our life can be at times and embraces it.  we both feel truly blessed with the life we are able to live and i very much look forward to creating many more experiences with him.  we have a lifetime afterall.

we had planned to take an extravagant trip in honor of this milestone but other family trips, made this impossible for a variety of reasons.  so, instead, i thought it would be fun to have a few days without the wee antisdels around to do things we loved pre-wee ones.  it was fabulous.

cards game just like the old days.

after the game they had fireworks sponsored by a local company.  such a neat experience to see busch completely dark.

one thing we both wish we could do more of is golf.  one day.

i forgot what it was like to eat lunch without any high chairs or car seats…to not have to scarf your food down or ask for a kids menu.

we decided to pick up some fresh fish from bob’s seafood and make dinner back at casa de antisdel.  if i had to pick a last meal this would be it.  mahi mahi with avocado salsa.  best summertime grilled fish recipe ever.  

on sunday morning jastin left to meet my dad to pick up the wee ones.  i decided to climb back into bed for a few more minutes of complete silence.  it was heaven.

and then it was back to reality and packing for an overseas trip for the entire family.  oy vey, if i survive this trip it will be nothing short of a miracle.  but until then i love thinking back to our fun weekend living life like a young single couple again…

a big thank you to my parents and my sister for keeping the 3 little antisdels so this could even be possible.  love you guys and we owe you {wink}. 

i think this needs to become a yearly tradition for us…

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  1. Lindsey says:

    I found Adali’s wooden cross necklace in our mulch. Sending it with Nana. It will make a great accessory for Punta Cana.

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