wednesday, june 6

saturday evening adali came down with a fever and all around just wasn’t acting herself.  i gave her something to help with the fever and asked if her throat hurt, “no.”  do your ears hurt?  ”no.”  she has a tendency to have lingering, somewhat high fevers so i kept an eye on her throughout the night to make sure it didn’t get out of control. she was pretty whiney throughout the night and at one point complained of her throat hurting.  i gave her something for her throat and jastin went in and laid with her for a short time until she fell back asleep. next thing i know it’s 9 am and she has finally woken up and tells me her ear is wet. wet ears mean one thing – ear drum rupture.  what is it with this kid and ear drum ruptures?  sheesh!  if you remember she has had 2 previous ruptures, both in her right ear, which earned her a set of tubes.  this time the lucky ear was the left.  

sooo….yesterday we headed in to see daddy and have him take a look in both her ears.

she did a great job letting j do whatever he wanted.  her ear drum was still pretty red and swollen but the decision was made to hold off on another set of tubes for now.  the problem with adali is twofold.  first, her immune system seems to have a hard time fighting off basic viruses.  she hangs on to colds for awhile.  both j and her pediatrician feel this is in direct relation to her prematurity.  boo hiss.  second, it seems she has a fairly high pain threshold, which when it comes to things like this is not a good thing.  she never once let us know that her ears were bothering her before any of her ruptures.  the worried mom in me thinks about her hearing being affected by this happening so much, but i’ve been assured that i should relax that her hearing is and will be fine.

as a little treat for being so brave we stopped by the cupcake truck parked outside of j’s office and let adali pick out a cupcake.

i don’t know what she was more excited about, the cotton ball in her ear that she was flashing around like the latest fashion accessory or the cupcake she got to eat.  it’s the little things with her…

please, lord, no more ear drama. 

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  1. Ashley french says:

    Hi how is she doing now is she holding up with the ear rupture? She’s such a big girl and I am shocked that she didn’t cry? Mean I would. Hope she enjoyed that cupcake she ate. Hope everything goes well for Adali very soon.

  2. Michelle says:

    Cassie has very similar issues and she was not a premie. She has lingering illnesses, ear troubles (ruptures and fugus ..ew..)…and is breakable. 2 broken arms, 2 fingers, and nearly her wrist.

    and I know that cupcake truck! The Sweet Divine is the best. I love Jenna and Jason. They have a storefront now… :)

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