thursday, june 14

we are headed to the dominican republic for my brother’s wedding…to jastin’s cousin.  weird huh?  charlie met stacy at our wedding 5 years ago and have been dating ever since.  i think they owe us a wedding gift don’t you?  i have always said that charlie would never get married.  guess i was wrong.  in this case, i couldn’t be happier to be wrong.  stacy makes a great addition to our family.  congratulations guys!  now seriously…where’s my wedding gift??

yes, all three wee antisdels are coming with us.  it sounded like such a good idea at the time we booked and now i’m completely overwhelmed with it all.  to follow along on this crazy journey with us you can see it all happen on instagram.  i’m @jantisdel.


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  1. Michelle says:

    wow…I pray for your’s and Jastin’s sanity through this entire wedding/trip. But think of all the awesome memories you’ll make with the “wee ones”…ahem…as long as you don’t kill them before making said memories ;) Safe travels “A Gang” and happy wedding day!

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