thursday, may 31

goodbye may + hello june.  may is hands down my favorite month.  this particular may did not disappoint either.  lots of weddings, family time and a night out in celebration of being married five years {seriously one of the funnest and funniest nights i’ve had out in a long time…right ang?}.

our may…

ames was really excited about may too…

we have the perfect lot for a pool but we will never put one in so the blow up pool will have to do for aga.  she seems fine with it.

adali loves to help out and wants to do whatever you are doing.  we like to take advantage of this helpfulness.  exhibit a…

the boys have been working hard on building a six pack so they can sit up all by themselves.

adali and i went on a little adventure out at faust park one day.  she loved the one on one time and it was nice to be outside for awhile.

adali loves to ride on the lawn mower…she’s even been known to fall asleep on it while “helping” j mow the yard.

lots of adali snuggles for the boys.

playdough and pistachios.

she wants lots of babies.  her words, not mine.

all aboard the baby einstein train.

here’s to hoping june delivers the goods as much as may did.

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  1. Sara T says:

    the boys are getting so big!!! Are they crawling yet???

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