thursday, august 9

i’ve been told by more than a few people that while they love my brother, they are growing tired of seeing his mug every time they visit the blog.

lately, life has gotten in the way of actually documenting life.  i feel like i haven’t stopped moving in 3 months…probably because i haven’t.  i thought this summer would be low key since the boys would be at an age that would make travel (and everything else) a bit of a challenge.  it has been anything but low key.  i think we’ve been gone more than we’ve been home as of late.  looking back, this has been one of the best summers ever and yet one of the more challenging.

the boys are growing up…we have teeth popping through faster than we can handle, i can’t shovel the baby food in fast enough for their growing bodies and i’m constantly chasing the smack, smack, smack sound of dimpled little hands crawling their way from room to room looking for mischief.

adali has been game to soak up every ounce of fun that summers are sure to provide as well.  she’s swimming like a fish and with confidence she has lacked in previous summers.  she’s been on more adventures by now than she could even remember to tell you about {actually that’s a lie…she remembers everything}.  she’s also been to as many doctor’s appointments and had more scans of her body taken in the last month to rival that of her time post-nicu.  we are facing some health challenges that i’m sure will get it’s own post once we know more of the details, but for now we will continue to savor the last drops of summer.  more swimming, lemon shakeups, cheesy carnival rides and if it would ever cool off, maybe a backyard camping adventure or two.

I do plan on writing a full summer recap post complete with lots of pictures, but until then, {and because my dad gave me the biggest guilt trip imaginable a few nights ago} you can click here and see our summer through instagram.  the cliff notes if you will.


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