friday, november 16 wednesday night was rough with little sleep and adali’s pain increasing but it was balanced by the confidence the surgeon had that they had removed all the stone, the CT scan would show nothing and we would be on our way to removing tubes and going home yesterday.   not to be. [ Continue Reading ... ]

wednesday, november 14 was a success.  it has been a looong day but we are cozy in our room {adali calls it her hotel room}.  during the surgery the interventional radiologist found it tricky to gain safe access into the kidney but after a few hours they were able to start working on taking out [ Continue Reading ... ]

tuesday, november 13 it’s nearly 11 pm on tuesday night and i can’t stop moving.  because if i do, i will have to stop and realize that tomorrow {bright and early} is the day.  i don’t want it to be the day.  i want to call.  cancel.  stay in and watch movies with her.  but [ Continue Reading ... ]

tuesday, november 13 the pictures will tell the story tonight.  i have no words left in me after telling the boys “no” all day long today.  

thursday, november 1 a few weekends ago we made a quick getaway for an extended weekend at big cedar.  we have never been in the fall so i was very excited to experience it in other ways than pool time and boating.  my parents and my sister’s family also joined us which was an extra [ Continue Reading ... ]