tuesday, november 13

it’s nearly 11 pm on tuesday night and i can’t stop moving.  because if i do, i will have to stop and realize that tomorrow {bright and early} is the day.  i don’t want it to be the day.  i want to call.  cancel.  stay in and watch movies with her.  but i can’t.  

tomorrow morning at 8:15 adali will go into surgery.  if you don’t remember how this all started read here and here.  she is scared.  tears flowed today for the unknown.  i was trying to be strong for her but inside i was cracking.  i want to trade places with her.  if  only i could trade places with her!    

until this is all behind us,  i take solace in knowing she is tough, lots of people are praying for her, and The Lord is protecting her.

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  1. Sara T says:

    Praying for you guys today!!

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