friday, november 16

wednesday night was rough with little sleep and adali’s pain increasing but it was balanced by the confidence the surgeon had that they had removed all the stone, the CT scan would show nothing and we would be on our way to removing tubes and going home yesterday.  

not to be.  the CT scan went off without a hitch yesterday morning.  adali was brave as usual and we were headed back up to our room to wait for the results in no time.  minutes turned to hours and we were all growing anxious.  the nurse mentioned they had the results and the physicians were reading them.  great!  when more than 45 minutes went by without anyone coming to tell us the news, i knew then it was not what we had wanted to hear.  sure enough my fears were confirmed.  they saw a 6mm stone left in her kidney.  my sails went flat.  any adrenaline i had in reserve to get through the day was instantly gone and i lost it.  it didn’t help to listen to adali in the background of the surgeon’s voice crying out in pain.  pain that has been difficult at times to manage.  

so that is where we are now.  waiting to head back to the OR to remove the remaining stone and one of the tubes in her back.  we have been told she will go between 1-3:30, but we all know hospital time is not normal time.  also, because the surgery had to be scheduled so late we will be here again tonight.  

 please pray for relief for adali.  the tract left in her back for the potential to go back to surgery goes from her back thru her kidney and coils in her bladder.  it causes her great discomfort at times and it breaks our hearts to see her in so much pain.  however, in typical adali fashion, we do get brave smiles through the tears every once in awhile.

bravest girl i know!

i will hopefully be able to update tonight after her surgery.

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  1. Tina says:

    Praying for relief and comfort!

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