wednesday, november 14

was a success.  it has been a looong day but we are cozy in our room {adali calls it her hotel room}.  during the surgery the interventional radiologist found it tricky to gain safe access into the kidney but after a few hours they were able to start working on taking out the stone.  all in all, the operation lasted roughly 3 hours.  since then adali has been feeling pretty icky from the anesthesia and the stent in her back as well as the catheter are pretty uncomfortable for her but she is being a trooper as usual and showing us all just how brave she is.

the plan moving forward is to take her down in the morning for a CT scan to check for residual stone they may have missed during the operation.  if all looks well {please God} they will work on removing all the tubes and we could possibly leave tomorrow evening.  if they do see residual stone they will take her back to the OR on Friday to remove it.  something none of us would look forward to, but we will do what we have to do to put this all behind us.  

thank you so much to everyone for your prayers, texts, emails and words of encouragement throughout the day.  we felt them.  adali felt them.  i will update tomorrow after her scan.

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  1. a big sigh of relief for today’s surgery. and here’s to hoping / praying for a clean/clear scan tomorrow! we’re so proud of you, big-girl adali.

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