easter collage1

 friday, may 24 memories i don’t want to forget.

mod collage1

wednesday, may 15 truth is, i’ve been putting off this post.  i’ve started it at least half a dozen times over the past few weeks.  i type and quickly backspace watching the letters trickle off the screen.  how do you thank so many people for supporting a cause that means so much to you?  do [ Continue Reading ... ]

March for Babies shirt design

Thursday, April 18 {UPDATE} shirt 2  designed by Jordanne Beaulieu won with well over 50% of the vote!  Congratulations Jordanne…we love the shirt!! We had over 90 designs submitted by the graphic design students in my brothers class for the Adali’s Angels team shirt this year!  Yesterday Adali and I looked at all of them [ Continue Reading ... ]

adai easter collage1

tuesday, april 2 adali went to camp bapa and gaga for spring break again this year.  it wasn’t exactly the spring break she had imagined {and talked about for weeks}.  no riding horses, or playing in the woods this year.  rather it was building a snowman and coloring…lots and lots of coloring according to bapa. [ Continue Reading ... ]


wednesday, march 27 it’s that time again.  we have started our fundraising efforts again this year for our march for babies team, adali’s angels.  this will be our 5th year walking and doing our part to make sure all babies are born healthy.  this year is extra special for us as we were chosen as [ Continue Reading ... ]

snow collage1

tuesday, march 26 it snowed.  a lot.  in the spring. no secret.  i’ve been over winter for a long time now.  we’ve battled sickness and cabin fever for months and i’m ready for spring flowers and chirping birds.  i want rosy cheeks to be from the warmth of the sun not from the bite of [ Continue Reading ... ]