monday, february 11

most of you know that there has been some drama regarding the blog lately.  short story, someone stole many pictures from the blog of both myself and the boys and posted them to their facebook account claiming they were pictures of themselves and their twin boys.  there are so many words that come to mind about this entire situation but the one that consistently pops into my head when i have to think about it is disturbing.  so, we will leave it at the fact that we are disturbed by what we found and we are making sure it is taken care of.  

i seriously contemplated stopping the blog and taking it down, but every time i thought about i became a hot mess of emotion.  i don’t blog to make money or to impress anyone.  i initially started it to keep family and friends up to date on how adali was doing in the NICU.  i keep doing it for adali, ames and emry.  i’ve decided i will keep doing it for them.    

will something like this happen again?  who knows.  as of now, i have chosen not to watermark my photos so i realize i am leaving myself open for this to happen.  i guess i just give people more credit than what i should.  for real, if you want to steal the pretty pictures of my family, you gotta take the crappy side with it.  if you don’t wipe the boogers and clean up the puke, you don’t get to claim them as your own.  got it?!?!  and if you are still feeling ballsy and decide to take them, we promise to open a can of legal whoop ass on you {official copyright statement can be found at the bottom of the page}.  pinky swear!

so this explains the radio silence.  but, we’re back baby!  with a new look to boot….you like?  and i realize it’s nearly valentine’s day but before this all happened, i was working on a holiday wrap-up post so i’m going to finish it, post it and you are going to like it.  deal?  wow…so bossy this post aren’t i?  

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  1. Chrystal says:

    glad you’re back. LOVE the new design.

  2. Sandy says:

    Yay!!! Glad you are back! Don’t let the photo stealing losers win!

  3. pretty sure you’re always bossy ;) welcome back, my friends.

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