monday, february 18

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our house is crazy.  if you call, all you will hear is crazy.  if you stop by, all you will see is crazy.  it’s been this way since december 5, 2011.  it’s just that the definition of crazy has evolved over the past 14 months.  at first crazy meant an absurd assembly line like life of feed, change, sleep…rinse and repeat {god it reads so easy on paper}.  a few months later it meant, toys and baby food everywhere.  and i mean everywhere.  now it means boys running all over the house testing boundaries and making messes faster than you can clean up the last one.

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i’m sure this is no different than any other household with 6 little feet running around but going from one self-sufficient little girl to what we’ve got going on now was baptism by fire and a shock to my system to put it nicely. 

as the boys exit babyhood and enter the realm of toddlers it’s been a huge adjustment from what life was like with adali at this stage.  i’m sure partly because there are 2, partly because they are boys and partly because i’m resigned to the fact that they have made it their mission to test my patience in every way possible for the rest of their lives.

so many people can attest to how easy adali was as a toddler.  she was, and still is a good natured little girl.  at the age the boys are now, she slept well, played well and generally just went along with your plan.  God knew to go easy on us after such a tough start with her.  and then there’s the bros.  such different personalities when you have them alone but a beast as a team.

it’s crazy how much ames is like adali and probably why the get along so, so well.  i think she had super sissy radar about them when they were babies because she was drawn to him from day one.  ames sleeps like a champ unless he’s sick or teething.  eats anything you put in front of him and loves with every cell in his little boy body.  he wants to sit in your lap all the time and is always SO excited to see you.  he covets his paci’s just like his sister did and plays so well by himself and with other kids.  and those eyes.  piercing!  

ohhhh and then there is sweet, sweet emry.  a tiny terror from the moment he wakes up until the last flutters of his pretty little lashes at night.  he sleeps well but wants to wake up early.  he isn’t a picky eater by most standards but if he doesn’t like something he just swats it onto the floor.  grrrr.  he thinks it’s amusing to spit his milk out and makes it his daily mission to test his boundaries on everything.  we are currently having a battle over ames.  he’s trying to pull him to the dark side and i’m trying to keep his little feet firmly planted where he belongs…on the good side.  the thing that slays be about emry is that for every downright rotten thing he does, he will surprise you with pure sweetness just as much.  and seriously, most times you can’t help but laugh at his antics.  his smile is infectious.

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truth is if you are having a bad day, just come to our house…ames will love you until you can’t possibly take anymore cuddles and emry will make you laugh so hard you hurt.  i suppose it’s a great mix.  a great mix that equals crazy.

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  1. Jenny says:

    You. are. Superwoman. I’m so glad you’re back to blogging, such an inspiration.

  2. Mary says:

    Girrrl. You make it look easy. And I now know for a fact it is far from it. Love that you are back to blogging! XO.

  3. Stacia says:

    Amen mama!

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