wednesday, february 27


 {march of dimes signature chef’s auction 2011}


this year, we are honored to have been chosen to be an ambassador family for the march of dimes 75th anniversary.  it is a responsibility we take very seriously.  jastin and i have always said that we will do whatever we can to support the mission of ending prematurity.  adali’s first assignment as an ambassador this year is a very exciting one for her.  

she will be sharing her journey of prematurity on ksdk’s show me st. louis this friday.  it will be a live interview that will air sometime between 10:30-11:00 CST.  i found out just how excited she is about this when i went to pick her up from school the other day and found out she had been telling all her friends that she was “going to be on the news.”  

if you would like to watch the interview click here.  

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