tuesday, march 19

birthday’s were celebrated.  5 & 1.  

adali’s biggest wish came true in helping me in the kitchen to oversee the birthday festivity menu that consisted of candied bacon, crostini, pork chops, avocado corn tomato salsa and parmesan hash brown cups topped off with the most heavenly real buttercream frosting strawberry mousse cake.  mother nature managed to sneak a beautiful day into a winter that seems to be overstaying it’s welcome.  and adali was more than happy to share a birthday celebration with her brothers who have the unfortunate pleasure of having their birthday squeezed into the holiday season.  i know this willingness won’t last forever but i was thankful for it this year until we figure out something more permanent.  i think it can be made official that adali is a pro at blowing out her candles and the boys both enjoyed putting the “smash” into smash cake…just for very different reasons.  emry for the mess and ames for the oh so delicious cake {pictures below for proof on just how much ames loved his cake}.

not living close to family makes celebrations that much sweeter.   

bday collage1

birthday parties-6

birthday parties-18

bday collage2

birthday parties-33

bday collage3

birthday parties-57

bday collage12

birthday parties-62

bday collage5

birthday parties-86

bday collage6

birthday parties-113

bday collage7

birthday parties-122

birthday parties-136

birthday parties-147

birthday parties-22

bday collage8

birthday parties-150

birthday parties-159

bday collage9

birthday parties-177

birthday parties-187

birthday parties-204

birthday parties-205

birthday parties-219

birthday parties-209

bday collage10

birthday parties-200

bday collage11

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  1. Sandy says:

    Love that you can see their personalities :) and HELLO cake….yum!

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