tuesday, march 26

it snowed.  a lot.  in the spring.

snow collage1

no secret.  i’ve been over winter for a long time now.  we’ve battled sickness and cabin fever for months and i’m ready for spring flowers and chirping birds.  i want rosy cheeks to be from the warmth of the sun not from the bite of a bitter cold wind.  

but in saying that, you can’t take away from the beauty that was sunday’s gift.  the snow was mesmerizing…almost intoxicating.  by midday it looked as though every branch of every tree was drunk on sugar.  lazy and sagging.  it just kept coming.  even well after dark.  

i remember opening the back door for the boys to get a glimpse of what was going on and looking around feeling like i had been somehow transported directly inside of a snow globe.  i would occasionally reopen the back door and let the boys stand there, feeling the cold air touch their cheeks, letting the wet flakes melt on their eyelashes.  they would just soak it all in…and every once in awhile they would brave the cold threshold to dip their piggies in the snow or reach down for just one little taste of what mother nature had thrown at us.  it was fun to watch them.

spring snow-5

snow collage2

spring snow-20

snow collage3

so i decided maybe it would be fun to take them out in it for a few minutes.  and it was fun….

spring snow-44

spring snow-56

spring snow-55

snow collage4

spring snow-73

spring snow-68

spring snow-71

…until the magic was gone.  and then we cried and demanded spring come right now because really, the easter bunny doesn’t have snow boots now does he??

PS…rain, SNOW or shine we are marching for babies again this year!  more to come tomorrow but you may have noticed the fundraising badge at the verrrrry bottom of the blog or the new link in the navigation bar up top with all of the important information.  

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