friday, march 8


the cliche thing to say when your baby turns another year older is “where did the time go?”  the thing is, i know where it went.  straight to my heart.  i get so emotional writing things down for her birthday’s.  thinking back on all the things she’s learned over the past year.  everything we’ve been through.  i don’t get sad that she’s another year older.  i get excited.  for her.  yes, for us parents, i suppose it’s a bit sad that we have one less year with our children before they are adults.  but really, it’s not about us anymore is it?  it’s about them.  and everything they are becoming.  and let me tell you, my little girl is becoming on hell of an amazing person!


she’s such a happy person.  she’s so full of life it’s hard not to get sucked into her enthusiasm when you are around her.  she still loves school, and all things 5 year old little girls should love; like playing dress up, her friends from school, making her brothers laugh, princesses and pink but she also seems so grown up to me at 5.  she’s traded in cartoons for cooking shows, eats squid salad with her dada, takes showers by herself.  she’s my extra set of hands when i need to keep a bro from running away, she does her chores {most days} without complaining and has handled all of her medical hurdles like a champ.  to say i’m proud is an understatement.

i love spending time just the two of us, running errands or sneaking away for a special lunch.  knowing how much fun we have together now, makes me SO excited for our times together in the future {god willing she still thinks i’m cool enough to hang out with}.

i could sit here and brag on her all day, but to make a long story short…i’m excited about how far she’s come and i’m even more excited about where she is going.


happy birthday, sweet adali!!  i hope your day is as special as you are.  love, your mama.


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  1. Sonya says:

    Happy Birthday, Adali!!! What sweet pictures, Jamie! And squid salad? For real? That would never happen here. Enjoy your special day, Adali. :)

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