wednesday, may 15

truth is, i’ve been putting off this post.  i’ve started it at least half a dozen times over the past few weeks.  i type and quickly backspace watching the letters trickle off the screen.  how do you thank so many people for supporting a cause that means so much to you?  do you simply say thank you and move on?  i don’t know.  what i can say is how incredibly touched jastin and i both are that SO many people donate to the march of dimes and team adali’s angels each year.  i’ve looked at our final donation page every day since the walk.  read over the names, smiled thinking about each person that took the time to think about what we are trying to accomplish in our fundraising efforts.  it’s not small feat to think you can END prematurity.  i get that.  but that doesn’t stop us.  so whether the money we raised ends up being used for research that leads to the final piece of the puzzle or it helps with new treatments, better treatments, cheaper treatments for premature and sick babies then it will all be worth it…for all of us.

this year, we raised more money than we ever have before!  as the donation notification emails came pouring in, i would text jastin, “i can’t believe we are this blessed!”  ”we’ve hit our goal!”  ”xx gave and they have never even met us!”  ”we just hit 200% of our team goal and i can’t stop crying!”  and then, on race day all my emotions bubbled to the surface when my dad came over to us and let us know that they just announced our team as the top fundraising team…IN ALL OF MISSOURI!  yes, that’s right!  Bill DeWitt Jr, the owner of the cardinals announced team adali’s angels as the top fundraising team and i didn’t even hear it.  sigh.  you think mr, dewitt might be willing to reenact that moment?  oh well.

the walk was not how i wanted it to play out this year, or ever for that matter.  it was a soggy {understatement}, cold morning in st. louis.  one you want to crawl back in bed for after looking out the window.  but team adali’s angels came out anyway!  i was astonished that nearly everyone that had signed up to walk with us showed up despite the weather.  team adali’s angels was over 20 strong…in the rain!!  that’s just crazy to me, and at one point i had to step away because i was so overcome with emotion that all these people came out to support our cause.  i didn’t get as many pictures as in past years because of the weather, but here are some snippets of the day.

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again, i want to thank everyone that donated, came out to walk or anyone who simply supports what the march of dimes stands for and is trying to accomplish.  it means SO much to us to be surrounded by such amazing friends and family.  i also want to make sure that those who donated as part of antisdel.s photography’s cutest kids contest know that we appreciate your donations and support as well.  many of you donated without even knowing us which is pretty special.

oh yeah…adali wanted to make sure she got her thank you in to everyone as well…with the help of the boys of course.  

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march for babies ty

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