snow collage1

tuesday, march 26 it snowed.  a lot.  in the spring. no secret.  i’ve been over winter for a long time now.  we’ve battled sickness and cabin fever for months and i’m ready for spring flowers and chirping birds.  i want rosy cheeks to be from the warmth of the sun not from the bite of [ Continue Reading ... ]


friday, march 8 the cliche thing to say when your baby turns another year older is “where did the time go?”  the thing is, i know where it went.  straight to my heart.  i get so emotional writing things down for her birthday’s.  thinking back on all the things she’s learned over the past year. [ Continue Reading ... ]

bath collage1

monday, february 18 our house is crazy.  if you call, all you will hear is crazy.  if you stop by, all you will see is crazy.  it’s been this way since december 5, 2011.  it’s just that the definition of crazy has evolved over the past 14 months.  at first crazy meant an absurd assembly [ Continue Reading ... ]

holidays 2012

wednesday, february 13 to see why, exactly, a holiday recap post is going up the day before valentine’s day read here.   we had an amazing holiday season.  maybe one of my all-time favorites.  we hosted thanksgiving.  decorated the house {minus the bottom three feet of the tree}.  listened to plenty of christmas music.  made enough [ Continue Reading ... ]

monday, december 24 merry christmas to all of our friends near and far!  we love you all SO much.

tuesday, november 13 the pictures will tell the story tonight.  i have no words left in me after telling the boys “no” all day long today.