kidney collage1

wednesday, february 20 on november 16, when adali’s surgeon came in and said he felt confident all of the stone in her right kidney had been removed, i wanted to believe this chapter was over.  i knew it wasn’t, but it was hard to not slide back into normal life, celebrating the holiday’s and planning [ Continue Reading ... ]

monday, december 3 i never really had a good opportunity to update after adali’s second surgery.  as you can see the goal between my last update and her surgery was to make her comfortable and occupy her however we could before surgery number 2.  the short version of how the surgery went is that it [ Continue Reading ... ]

friday, november 16 wednesday night was rough with little sleep and adali’s pain increasing but it was balanced by the confidence the surgeon had that they had removed all the stone, the CT scan would show nothing and we would be on our way to removing tubes and going home yesterday.   not to be. [ Continue Reading ... ]

wednesday, november 14 was a success.  it has been a looong day but we are cozy in our room {adali calls it her hotel room}.  during the surgery the interventional radiologist found it tricky to gain safe access into the kidney but after a few hours they were able to start working on taking out [ Continue Reading ... ]

tuesday, november 13 it’s nearly 11 pm on tuesday night and i can’t stop moving.  because if i do, i will have to stop and realize that tomorrow {bright and early} is the day.  i don’t want it to be the day.  i want to call.  cancel.  stay in and watch movies with her.  but [ Continue Reading ... ]

august 29, 2012 i mentioned in my last post that we have been dealing with some health issues with adali this summer.  it all started back in june when we left for the dominican republic for the week.  many of us noticed that adali had to go to the bathroom a lot.  like every 30 [ Continue Reading ... ]